Friday, August 01, 2014

A new low


An Atlanta Hardwood Bench

An Atlanta Hardwood Bench

A BENCH recently put in place by a bereaved family in Portarlington cemetery was stolen last week.

The bench was stolen between last Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning from in front of the graves of four children. It had been placed by Claire and Lance Fanning, who had recently buried their twin daughters Rita and Elizabeth, who died after premature birth in April.

It was to benefit people visiting nearby graves as well as for their own use.

Claire said that they had placed the bench on Sunday evening in the new part of the cemetery towards the left handside. They had visited the grave on Tuesday evening at around 7pm and the bench was still there. However, upon visiting the grave on Wednesday morning, they found that the bench was missing.

“I was not too shocked, we’ve had other stuff stolen from the grave,” said Claire. “There are four children’s graves and it’s a strange sort of person who would steal something like that.”

The bench is an Atlanta hardwood medium-sized two-person bench and was purchased from Woodies.

Claire is certain that the bench was stolen after checking with the local cemetery committee to enquire whether they had moved it. She asked people to be vigilant if someone tries to sell them the bench. She also appealed to those who took it.

“If they could just return it and leave it, nothing is going to be said. It would be nice to have it back.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Claire on 087 4157823.





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