Wednesday, February 08, 2017

DOLLS’ houses, sleek Ducati cars, fleets of shiny tractors and colourful fairground attractions. Where else could it be but the famous Ballyfin Vintage Die-cast Model and Toy Show?

Creativity met ingenuity at the much-anticipated annual show, which attracted a large and enthusiastic gathering to Ballyfin Community Centre.

The show is a Mecca for people who are passionate about die-cast models and toys of all kinds, from motorbikes and racing cars to fire engines, farm machinery and model railways.

Father-and-son team Eoin Coffey senior and junior had an eye-catching model farm complete with milking shed, hay bales, tractors and a top-of-the-range jeep for zooming around the land.

Other enthusiastic exhibitors included Seán Doheny and Alan Bull, who had a lovely range of circus vehicles and a vintage merry-go-round.

Many exhibitors pointed out that playing with models is an ideal way to nurture children’s creativity and imagination. A basic starter toy such as a farm can be endlessly expanded with buildings, animals, vehicles, machinery and accessories that provide hours of fun, as well as promoting independent and imaginative thinking.

An intricately-designed miniature presentation can also make a lovely feature display, whether in a related business or in a private house.

As always, it was a wonderful day both for exhibitors and for visitors to the show, which celebrates the joys of life in miniature and often fosters a lifelong and highly-rewarding pastime.

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By Carmel Hayes
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