Thursday, March 08, 2018

THE county’s rubbish dump at Kyletalisha is cleaner than one particular house in Mountrath.

And according to cllr John Joe Fennelly, “it’s not right for county council tenants to have to be living beside this dump”.

Following a phone call from a resident in the Rushall housing estate who complained about the accumulation of rubbish and household waste at number 41, he went to the area to see for himself.

He told councillors at the February meeting of Laois County Council that the amount of rubbish he witnessed was “incredible”.

He said: “House numbers 39 and 40 are county council houses and beside these is house number 41, which is locked up. What I saw and took photographs of, I can honestly say that Kyletalisha is cleaner than the conditions around that house. It’s not right for county council tenants to be living beside this dump. It’s not right that this type of dumping is taking place. The dumping here is just incredible.

There’s up to eight houses in Rushall blocked up (vacant) and nobody’s living in them. Is there any way we (Laois County Council) can buy those houses and put people in them?”

There’s 15 houses in Rushall vacant,” said cllr James Kelly.

House number 41 is in a terrible state and is a disgrace,” he said.

Cllr Brendan Phelan said: “There’s major anti-social activity in the estate and the vacant houses there are boarded up and abandoned. The whole estate is almost completely abandoned. The remaining residents are trying their best to get on with life, but they are finding it very difficult. Somebody will have to go in and establish the owners of the unoccupied and vacant houses there. We need a plan to sort out that estate.”

Laois County Council’s head of housing Michael Rainey told the meeting that the council’s estate management section is liaising with the housing department about the problems in Rushall estate.

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By Joe Barrett
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