Thursday, November 29, 2018

A CAMPAIGN is underway to help Santa bring a very special present to Wolfhill.

Local people are joining forces with the North Pole to make a Christmas dream come true for ten-year-old Aimee Brennan.

A pupil at Arles NS, Aimee was born with scoliosis and suffered spinal cord injuries during surgery in 2014. The injuries were so severe that she will never be able to walk again.

Aimee has asked Santa to bring her a custom-made hand-cycle to help her keep up with her friends and the great man has made up his mind to deliver. However, he needs a little help to make sure he has enough money in his North Pole bank account, as the hand-cycle will cost up to €6,000.

Aimee’s mother Jacinta Brennan has set up a fundraiser to help Santa with the big delivery, which will make a huge difference to both their lives. Aimee has never asked Santa for anything before and she hopes he will be able to deliver the gift to her home in Wolfhill, as it would transform her life and help her keep up with her friends and classmates.

The mother and daughter attended a special needs event recently where a demonstrator allowed her to try out an ingeniously designed hand-cycle. Aimee instantly fell in love with the new form of transport, which would allow her to travel around much quicker and easier than in a wheelchair.

The hand-cycle costs about €5,000 but has to be customised to a child’s specific requirements, bringing the total cost to almost €6,000.

Jacinta said: “We know Santa can’t do everything and we really don’t want to let Aimee down, so we launched the fundraiser in the hope that people will be able to help him. Any donation, big or small, will make a real difference to Aimee’s life.”

An outgoing and very courageous girl, Aimee never lets disability get in her way and always remains cheerful and positive, despite the huge challenge life has given her. Last summer, she was involved in a project that saw a ramp installed on the Stradbally steam train and she was proud to be its first wheelchair-using passenger.

Anyone wishing to donate to the fundraiser for Aimee can do so on the online gofundme page.

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By Carmel Hayes
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