Friday, January 11, 2019

A DOG and pups that were dumped in a drain are just some of the heartbreaking new arrivals at a Laois animal rescue centre.

Volunteers with Cara Rescue Dogs say they feel “deflated and sad” after taking in ten animals in the first week of 2019.

The new arrivals joined 14 other dogs that were rescued during Christmas week alone, including an “unwanted gift” of a puppy that was surrendered on St Stephen’s Day.

Cara co-founder Lorna Dunne said: “By last Sunday, just six days into the year, we had taken in a mother and pups that were dumped in a drain, three other small pups, a lurcher from the pound and a heavily pregnant mange-infested terrier, as well as a number of other dogs. It has been a bad start to the New Year.”

The Cara group, whose headquarters is in Mountmellick, was contacted by a dog warden last week when a collie and her three pups were found abandoned in a roadside drain. The pups are just a few weeks old and are now in foster care with their mother.

A mange-infested terrier, due to have pups shortly, was surrendered by an owner who said she had too many dogs and could not cope with more. A West Highland pup was also surrendered on St Stephen’s Day by a man who bought it for his parents for Christmas. He had to contact Cara when his parents told him they did not want a dog.

Lorna commented: “At least that man got in touch with us, but it would have been far better to have asked his parents first whether they wanted a dog, before he decided to buy one from a website. Every year, we constantly highlight the fact that people should not buy pets as Christmas presents but, unfortunately, it keeps happening.”

Since it was founded in 2011, Cara has re-homed more than 1,000 dogs and has up to 100 dogs and puppies in foster care at any one time. The rescued animals are looked after in a network of voluntary foster homes across Laois and Leinster, until permanent homes can be located.

When possible, Cara also provides short-term care for lost dogs until they can be reunited with their owners and works alongside dog pounds to take rescue animals into their care for re-homing.

Anyone willing to make even a small monthly contribution to Cara through the rescue’s PayPal account can email [email protected] People can also donate €4 by texting Cara to 50300.

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By Carmel Hayes
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