Friday, March 08, 2019

THE expression ‘silence is golden’ may never have been as appropriate, after it was discovered that a church in Durrow is held a fundraising venture by just that – silence.

Canon Patrick Harvey, rector of the Church of Ireland congregation in St. Fintan’s Church in Durrow is hoping to raise the money to renovate and restore the 301-year-old church tower.

On Sunday 3 March between 2pm and 5pm, ‘sitters’ who had been sponsored gathered in the church and remained silent for one, two or three hours, depending on the time for which they had been sponsored.

According to Canon Harvey, the sponsored volunteers were permitted to read or walk quietly around the church for their allocated period.

Sponsorship forms had been circulated among the congregation in previous weeks, although the rector did stress that donations could be given after the day.

Speaking to the Laois Nationalist this week, Canon Harvey admitted that “we haven’t started (the renovation)”.

We’re in the process of seeking grants, although we haven’t gone to tender so we don’t know what the cost will be,” he said.

We want to work on the roof of the tower and on a few floors below. It’s quite a big project, so it won’t be starting soon,” he admitted.

However, he was able to reveal that the parish is planning for other fundraisers, the first of which is a concert in the church by the Blessington Millennial Choir on Saturday 6 April for the second year in a row.

It’s important to keep people aware of the project, because everything helps,” said Canon Harvey.

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By finian coughlan
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