Wednesday, April 10, 2019

PORTARLINGTON man John Kirwan from Barrow Way has just released a poem from his soon-to-be published book.

His previous book of poetry, A Laois meditation, received rave reviews. It was published in co-operation with Laois County Council.

Growing up in the town, he attended St Joseph’s CBS. From there he studied in Maynooth College before taking up employment with Dublin County Council and Dublin Corporation.

He also played in goal for the Portarlington senior Gaelic football team.

John retired from work to raise his now-adult children on a full-time basis before returning to education at Trinity College, where he studied English.

Following his studies, he worked with the Irish Wheelchair Association before retiring through disability. He then returned home to Portarlington to concentrate on his poetry, winning a prestigious competition for his work.

John’s new poem Eurovisualisations takes a look at the current political landscape, not just in Ireland but across Europe and of the looming effect that a no-deal Brexit may bring. 

Memories of Kinsale come back as the EU is given the sack

In the North, soon it will occur, and partition will recur

The people there, wanted to stay

But it looks like Westminster has its say.

And Scotland, too, and Wales, will leave the EU

And there seems no retrieve.

A new perspective for this isle

And many Irish have lost their smile.

As the promise of our vote in 1998 for unity, begins to disintegrate.

Eurovisuals are the norm, as there will be constitutional reform.

Where will it take us, as I do wonder.

As a border looms again to sunder.

The harmony of European law on the island of Ireland,

In which we saw a new rapport since decades ago.

When all joined the EU not to know

That some day the island would again divide

And custom posts may provide.

Two identities on this island, tensions again are now being framed.


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By Joe Barrett
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