Thursday, May 16, 2019

Funding cutbacks are having a serious impact on the availability of potentially life-saving treatments for cancer patients.

That is the message from Cancer Trials Ireland, who are calling on the Government to reverse a €3m cut to its services.

The group said before 2016, 3% of people with cancer were on a drug trial, however last year it was down to 1.5%.

Professor Brian Hennessey, Clinical Lead at Cancer Trials Ireland, said it is important more, not less, cancer patients access trials.

Prof. Hennessey said: “They’re the only way that we can get people’s cancer accessed to newer and potentially better treatment and ultimately they are the only way that we can improve the treatment of cancer.

“So they have benefits for people right now with cancer and who are undergoing cancer treatment and they have benefits for people who have cancer in the future.”

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