Thursday, May 16, 2019

SIX students who attended a book and creative writing club at Portlaoise Further Education and Training Centre (FETC) have published a collection of their work.

The book, entitled The Thursday Club, was launched last week. It contains a selection of personal memoirs, thoughts, Haikus, poem and book reviews by the group.

At an intimate gathering at the centre, family, friends and tutors came to celebrate the women’s literary accomplishments. Creative writing tutor Denise Dunne gave a heartfelt introduction to the members, saying that the book club has been the inspiration behind some of the pieces written in the publication.

“Books stimulated conversation and offered new ways of looking at life through stories and characters. Discussing these stories provoked thoughts and nourished ideas that inspired the pieces at the heart of this little book,” she said. Each member read aloud from the book, choosing pieces they contributed. Claire McEvoy recited A Haiku for Rebecca at Twenty-One. This piece was particularly special for Claire, as it was her daughter’s birthday.

Brigid Napwada, Doris Dalton, Susan Dempsey, Denise Dunne, creative riting tutor; Claire McEvoy, Marie Beatty, Mary Oxley and Lisa McEvoy, ALO

Dressmaker and fashion enthusiast Brigette Mapwata (sic) spoke about how she would love to meet British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, someone whom she greatly admires.

A Haiku for Megan was read by Mary Oxley, which was dedicated to her granddaughter, who was present to cheer on her granny.

Susan Dempsey chose Dear sixteen-year-old me, a letter full of fond memories to her teenage self.

Lastly, Marie Beatty shared a touching passage about Small acts of kindness and how they can brighten up our darkest days.

Marie said: “Being a member of this group has given me more confidence in myself. Before, I wasn’t a very confident person. It has been a lovely experience.”

Denise Dunne was presented with a bouquet of flowers by the students, who thanked her for all her help and encouragement. Also thanked was resource tutor Debbie Looby (sic), who coordinated the event.

Copies of the The Thursday Club are on display in the student library in the canteen in Portlaoise FETC or a limited number are available from reception in Portlaoise FETC.

If you are interested in joining the creative writing and reading group in September or would like any other information about any other courses, there is an open day tomorrow (Wednesday) from 10am to 1pm and from 6-8pm at Portlaoise FETC, Tower Hill or by phoning 057 8661338.

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By Karen Wills
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