Wednesday, June 12, 2019

THE Department of Health and the HSE are a “shower of spoofers” and both should be outed for what they are.

That was the angry comment from a 48-year-old man who is caring full-time for his 79-year-old mother in Portlaoise.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that he received a letter from the HSE last week regarding an application for home help for his mother. The letter stated that she will not be getting any help for now because of the sparse resources available for such services.

He said: “My mother is very frail and ill. She has dementia and other serious health problems. Over the past four weeks, she has been hospitalised on three occasions. She is unable to do things for herself, such as get around the house or bathe.

“She was one of the women who was involved in the Magdalene Laundries scandal and received a medical card under that redress scheme.

“The HSE say, and this can be checked out on their website, that those in receipt of medical cards under this scheme are entitled to free medicines, nursing services, home help services, dental, ophthalmic and aural services, chiropody and physiotherapy services. But since getting that card three years ago, she has received absolutely nothing. The only kind of support that she is getting at the moment is the odd monthly visit from a health nurse.

“Four years ago, I put in an application for home help for her and last week they wrote to me and said that I am on a waiting list, as all of their current resources are allocated.

“The HSE and the Department of Health are a joke. They’re just a shower of spoofers. Who do they think they’re kidding? They’ll bullshit on radio and telly of how much extra they put into services each year; but year after year, people are left with absolutely no supports, particularly those most ill and vulnerable in society, as is evidenced by the letter that I and others in my situation got last week.”

Yesterday (Monday), the Laois Nationalist sought comments from the Department of Health and the HSE as well as the Midlands Louth Meath Community Health Organisation, which oversees the home help service in Laois. All three failed to reply before our print deadline.

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By Joe Barrett
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