Thursday, September 05, 2019

RATHDOWNEY stinks and it’s all down to the Main Street being covered in farmyard manure leaking and splashing from tractor trailers and JCBs for the past week or so.

Local have expressed their ‘disgust’ at the state of the road and have demanded that those responsible should clean up their own mess.

Darrell Farrell from The Hair House Salon said: “It’s an absolute disgrace. It started last Thursday with tractors, trailers and JCBs rumbling down the road full of slurry from farmyards. I don’t think that it’s one farmer or contractor causing the problem. I don’t know where they’re drawing it from or to. The only thing I know is that they destroyed the front of my premises three times and my car on a few occasions.”

Mr Farrell said that customers to his salon park their cars up on the kerb outside his premises, which is opposite the playground in the town, and that their vehicles have ‘also been splattered’ with the festering dung.

He said: “It was all over the front of my building last week and splattered up on the window. I had to clean down the building and my car myself, with help from my mother. The worst was last Friday. I heard a commotion out on the road and went out to see what was happening. I saw this young lad, maybe 17 or 18, driving a JCB down the road with its loader on the front bouncing and dragging along the ground. What was in it was flying everywhere across the road and onto the footpaths. He stopped passt the salon, looked back, saw the mess, but drove off. Five minutes later, he drove back towards the town. There’s a trail of it from St Fergal’s College down to Conoboro Bridge.

“It’s an absolute disgrace. I’m severely pi**ed off with this. I shouldn’t have to go out with buckets of water and scrubbers to take that mess off my building on a Friday evening. It shouldn’t happen in the first place. Farmers or their contractors are obliged to clean up their own mess after themselves.

“I can’t open the windows or doors of my business. The smell is atrocious. People are walking it into their premises when it sticks to their shoes. I go around all the time spraying room fragrances and light scented candles to try and mask the stink.”

Mr Farrell said that he has CCTV footage of the incidents and will turn them over to the environmental section of Laois Co Council to allow them to pursue the matter further.

Other local residents took to Facebook to express their disgust at the ongoing situation.

One commented: “It’s awful. My car is ruined and absolutely stinks.” Another said: “Terrible. My car is destroyed.” While another wrote: “The smell of sh*t inside and outside is so bad. Once that smell sticks to the inside of your nostrils, you’re f***ed. I was starting to convince myself I must just smell like sh*te in general.” Another woman wrote: “It’s horrible. I ended up having to close all the windows in the house earlier. The smell was so strong, I started to heave.”

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By Joe Barrett
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