Thursday, October 31, 2019

OUR minds have been put at rest. Now we can go back to living normal lives.

Those were the comments from one resident of the Woodlawn Villa housing estate in Portlaoise after Laois County Council removed trees from the rear of several houses there last month.

Julie Preston led a campaign for the removal of 60ft Leylandii-type trees that had been towering over a number of their homes.

Expressing her satisfaction with the work, Ms Preston said: “Thank God the trees are gone. Our minds have been put at rest. Now we can go back to living normal lives. We were living in fear that the trees would come crashing down on top of our houses in bad weather, especially in high winds.

“A number of us also had wet and soggy back gardens because the trees were casting dark shadows and preventing the sunlight from getting in, which led to mould build-up. On account of the shadows, we had to keep the lights on in our kitchens all of the time because it was so dark. Now that it’s all sorted, we can get back to living normal lives.

“But we shouldn’t have had to go public with this,” said Ms Preston.

“The council should have moved quicker to ally our fears. Thankfully now it’s done and we want to thank them for finally carrying out the work,” she said.

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By Joe Barrett
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