Wednesday, November 06, 2019

ROAD signs at the roundabout near the Montague Hotel, Emo are being ploughed out of it about three times a year.

Not alone are motorists crashing into the chevron signs, but some cars and lorries have ended up smack bang on top and in the middle of the roundabout.

And, in Heather Hill housing estate, Graiguecullen, a newly-erected concrete bollard at an entrance to the estate to curtail traffic movement was ripped out of its wet concrete foundation just hours after it was installed.

That’s according to cllrs Tom Mulhall and Aisling Moran when they responded to Philip McVeigh, the council’s senior area engineer, at the recent Graiguecullen/Portarlington municipal district council meeting when he told them that the council had recently erected a new chevron and pole at the Montague roundabout.

Cllr Mulhall said: “The chevron sign at the Montague hotel has to be replaced at least three times every year. Some cars seem to think that they can go straight on over the roundabout instead of having to go around it. Several times, lorries and cars have ended up in the middle of the roundabout.”

In an effort to try and remedy the problem at the roundabout, cllr Mulhall suggested that the area engineer consider installing ‘Go Slow’ signs ahead of it to warn oncoming motorists.

It was then the turn of cllr Moran, who said: “Just hours after the bollard was put up in Heather Hill, it was pulled out of it. The bollard was pulled out of the fresh concrete. It was put in to try and stop cars from driving in and out.”

Cathaoirleach of the district council cllr Pascal McEvoy wanted to know: “Was it residents that pulled it out.”

Cllr Pádraig Fleming replying to the Cathaoirleach said: “I’ll tell you later who pulled it out.”

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By Joe Barrett
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