Tuesday, June 02, 2020

The spirit of God, loving and free

Fr Paddy Byrne

THESE days, all of us are confronted with situations which seem confusing and contradictory and we wonder where we are going and what the outcome might be.

At times we may feel quite helpless in these kinds of circumstances. We have just celebrated the coming of the Holy Spirit on the Feast of Pentecost. The night before he died, Jesus, aware of the implications for his followers of his forthcoming death and eventual return to his Father in Heaven, promised that he would not leave his disciples to make their way in this world on their own and would send the Holy Spirit to guide them on their journey. In that sense, the Holy Spirit gives expression to the ongoing presence of Jesus with his followers. This is what we celebrate on this feast.

Penecost is not just something that happened; rather, it is a living gift for all generations. As followers of Christ, the spirit of his love anoints us all with great hope and rich blessings. During this uncertain time of pandemic and necessary restrictions, the Spirit of Christ, this pentecost, offers opportunity to indulge in a wonderful gift. The Spirit of God anoints each one of us with courage, wisdom, hope, resilience and a deep confidence that all will be well.

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