Monday, June 08, 2020

Black lives matter … all lives matter

The late George Floyd

IN cities throughout the USA we are now seeing the kind of violence that comes when justice is denied and when oppression has been allowed to fester for far too long.

What you see on American streets now is a cry from the oppressed. It’s a cry from those who have been left out and overlooked for far too long. They are exercising their 1st Amendment rights. We don’t condone rioting. We don’t condone burning. We don’t condone looting. And we don’t condone irresponsible lawlessness. But neither can we condone racism and injustice, which has been in this American community for more than 400 years, starting even before it became a nation in 1776.

America’s national sin is injustice. America’s national sin is systemic racism. America’s national sin is the denial to give opportunity to those who have been oppressed, left out, locked out and given almost nothing to survive on for over 400 years.

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