Sunday, June 21, 2020

Be positive and make your dreams come true

Fr Paddy Byrne

OUR world screams out for poetry, even if it can’t cope with it. Faith can only exist in a world of poetry. God is always big and bigger.

Little minds have nothing worthwhile to say of God or faith. The rigids and the dogmatics and the absolutes live in the world of machines or robotic faith and not in God’s world or among real and true humans.

We need to rewind and revisit Buzz Aldrin some 50 years ago. Pause, contemplate, give thanks and enter into real communion. Allow the unexpected to happen. Believe that Shane Lowry can win the Open. Believe that the broken Tiger can win the Masters. Believe that Kilkenny can win the All-Ireland. Believe that anything can happen and that we can reach beyond the confines of our current thinking and celebrate with a new heart. Oh yes! And why not believe in miracles …

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