Saturday, August 01, 2020

Portlaoise Courthouse

A MOTHER has been granted a barring order against her son, after he assaulted her and “wrecked” the family home.

The woman was granted a three-month barring order at a family law hearing in Portlaoise District Court last Thursday, which was also attended by her husband.

Giving evidence in the witness box, the middle-aged woman said: “I was assaulted and the house was wrecked. I am in fear of him. After he assaulted me, he took a knife out of the kitchen drawer and headed off.”

Judge Catherine Staines asked whether her young son was using drugs at the time. The woman replied that it was possible.

The woman said: “We are trying to get him sober and clean. I think that he may seek treatment and hopefully come back to himself, because this was not my son. He is staying with friends now and flitting around from place to place.”

She told Judge Staines that she would be happy with a three-month barring order, to give her son a chance to get sorted out. The judge granted the order with effect until 30 October.

*The media is allowed to attend and report on family law hearings, provided no one involved in the case is identified.

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