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BLACK CATS have played a huge role in folklore and superstition for centuries and strangely enough, some of these old superstitions still exist, with a minority of people avoiding black cats if they cross their path on Friday 13 – today, dear readers.

The ISPCA wants to change this perception and is raising awareness for the number of adorable black cats and kittens who sometimes get overlooked at their rescue centres so the charity is sharing some images of black cats and kittens currently available for adoption.

It appears that black cats could be unpopular because of perceptions that they are unlucky or don’t photograph as well which really isn’t true, according to ICMSA Public Relations Manager Carmel Murray. “And we really want to change this myth. In some parts of the world, a black cat on the front porch brings good fortune and according to common seafaring superstition, having a black cat on-board was deemed to be lucky. Black cats really do photograph well and just like photographing any animal, patience is definitely a must and of course, the right light helps.

The ICMSA is appealing to members of the public to consider adopting one of these super friendly black cats or kittens. All felines at the ISPCA are fully vaccinated, treated for parasites, cat-flap and litter-trained and also neutered/spayed (when of age).

Carmel Murray added: “All cats and kittens make wonderful pets and they love nothing more than a warm place to nap and be cuddled. They are naturally independent making them perfect companions for people with busy lifestyles. Not only are they great company but stroking a cat has been known to release endorphins in the brain associated with happiness and well-being, linked to lowering blood pressure and the risk of heart disease”.

The ISPCA is highlighting the importance of spaying or neutering cats and kittens to help reduce the overpopulation problem.

Not only does spaying and neutering reduce the numbers of unwanted cats and kittens from being born in the first place, but it also provides numerous health benefits. The ISPCA asks for an adoption donation of €75 to help us cover some of our veterinary costs.

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