Saturday, September 18, 2021

A kind woman brought the pup to the LSPCA, after finding her in an appallingly painful state

A PUPPY found in a shocking condition has been taken into the care of the Laois Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

LSPCA volunteers are appealing for donations, however small, to help pay for emergency surgery for the little dog, who is only about four months old.

Heartbroken animal rescue volunteers have called the puppy Olive.

In an appeal tonight, the LSPCA said: “Olive was found in this appalling state on Tuesday night by a very kind lady, who contacted us.

Olive required emergency surgery on Wednesday morning to remove her eye and treat her head wounds.

Initially, it was thought this little one may have been involved in a road traffic accident but, when she was prepped for surgery, a number of infected bite marks were found on her head, so it appears Olive was attacked by another, much larger dog.

The pain this little one endured doesn’t bear thinking about and how she managed to get to where she was found is a miracle.

Apart from her injuries, Olive is very emaciated so it’s obvious she hadn’t had a great life up to this, but we can promise she will know nothing but happiness from now on.

We are really struggling at the moment, so if you would like to donate towards Olive’s surgery and care, we would really appreciate it. Any donation, no matter how small will really make a difference.”

Donations can be made through the LSPCA Facebook page. See

The little pup is doing much better in the care of LSPCA volunteers

Olive is doing much better after surgery and TLC

Olive was in a horrifying condition when she was brought to LSPCA volunteers

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