Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Some Mountrath residents are facing another three months of darkness

By Ryan Dunne

PUTTING up street lighting may not be rocket science, but Mountrath will still have to wait up to three months for recently installed lights to actually work.

So it was revealed at the latest meeting of the Borris-in-Ossory/Mountmellick Municipal District on 18 November.

At the meeting, cllr James Kelly said that there had been a very rapid response from Laois County Council concerning the new lights at Factory Street in Mountrath.

“I got the contractor on site on Monday and the lights went up yesterday (Wednesday). There are two lights up and there’ll be one light going up in Killanure, Mountrath,” he said.

However, he went on to outline that, even though the lights are now installed, the area is still being left in the dark.

“The lights are up, but we still have darkness because the pause is about ten to 12 weeks to get the lights connected. I just find it disturbing from the point of view that we put up the lights and people think they’re going to have lights at least within three to four weeks, but then we’re told it could be up to ten weeks,” said cllr Kelly.

He asked could the council find out what the delay is, as he found it very slow for this to happen.

Chairing the meeting, cllr Ollie Clooney said that, in his experience, it could be even longer than 12 weeks.

“Especially now in wintertime, having lights up and no light is annoying to people. It’s annoying everyone. Surely it’s not rocket science to come and light it up after a few weeks. It’s unacceptable,” he said.

Cllr John King said that, if people are told that lights will be done in three months and then it takes six to eight months, it’s important that the councillors can answer the questions put to them.

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