Fr Paddy Byrne: Change must come in the wake of Ashling’s death

    THE recent tragic death of Ashling Murphy has left a deep sense of vulnerability and pain in the heart and soul of our nation. Ashling’s horrific murder has brought a renewed consciousness of how so many women constantly...

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Fr Paddy Byrne: Leave your phone at home and smell the roses

  ‘GOD brings forth His Son in thee, whether thou likest it or not, whether thou sleepest or wakest; God worketh His own will. That man is unaware of it is man’s fault, for his taste is so spoilt by...

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Fr Paddy Byrne: Time to think

Fr Paddy Byrne The legacy of St Francis still endures THIS week we celebrate the Feast of St Francis. St...

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Paralympians are an inspiration to us all

    THERE was once a bunch of tiny frogs, who arranged a running competition. The goal was to reach...

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Fr Paddy Byrne: Harvest … a time to give thanks

      TIME seems to be flying by. It’s hard to believe that August has arrived so quickly! I...

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Live simply, share generously’ – Fr Peter McVerry

    TOMMY Tiernan has inched ahead of Ryan Tubridy in the battle for RTÉ’s weekend viewers after one of...

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More Fr Paddy: Time to think

Easter – a time for all mankind to hope ..


Fr Paddy Byrne: Time to think